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Home Purchases

I am working with clients, from first time home buyers, the experienced home buyer to real estate investors,  to help them achieve specific goals for their families financial future. With Conventional, FHA, VA and Specialty Loans we can create the perfect loan for your families needs.  I love to to make learning fun and that includes your mortgage loan. I take the time to help First time home buyers to understand the process and what to expect during your transaction. Experienced home buyers sometimes get frustrated because of all that is required with a loan today. My objective is to set realistic expectations up front and make the process as easy as possible even with the changes over the years.  Real Estate Investors often get told no because there is too much work involved in the process. I am an investor myself, so I understand rental properties, buy and holds as well as flips. With this knowledge I can help design a program that is very beneficial to your needs of today and the future.

Home Refinances

Often times people hear on the news they should refinance…… I take great pride in running the numbers and making sure it is the best decision for your future.  I take the time to look at all the details…… not only the loan itself, but also the time you will be in the house and what your true outcome is.  Once I have calculated the numbers I will also give you a time value of the refinance.  If the refinance is not beneficial to you and your family I will also explain why you may not want to refinance.

Self Employed Borrowers

In today’s mortgage lending there are fewer loan options available for self employed borrowers. I am a specialist at translating tax returns, calculating allowed income and understanding what the lending requirements consist of. Often, self employed borrowers are told no just because of the difficulty of the loan and lack of understanding from the mortgage person. Being self employed for years and having multiple companies; I can not only empathize with your situation, but I can often find solutions available that few loan officers understand.

Goal setting

Part of why I love my job is because I get to help people who think they will never have a home.  Weather it is because of your current situation, your past circumstances or just not having credit I will help. To take the time and help you see your goal and understand that it is possible EXCITES ME! So even if you can’t buy today together we will create a plan for your dream of owning a home one day.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible” – Tony Robbins

Our Clients

Our greatest asset is our clients. It is very important that we put the needs of our families first. We take great pride in having over 90% of our business be referral based or repeat clients.  We are real people connecting with real families. So when you call our office you will connect with a committed team member, not voice mail.

When buying a home the lending process can be intimidating. Even experienced home buyers only go through the process once every 5- 10 years.  This is why planning, preparing and understanding your needs are so important to our team.  A purchase does not always have to be a 30 year product. Sometimes a refinance is not to your best interest. I am always here to help understand your outcome and create the best mortgage for you and your family.

What to expect  –
  • What has been your experience with mortgages? I will show you in 6 easy steps how to own your new home.
  • FIRST  A 20 minute conversation on the phone will let me know how much house you want and what your goals are
  • SECOND I will pull your credit report and evaluate the numbers, letting you know how much house you can buy, when you can buy and what steps you need to take in order write an offer.
  • THIRD You will pull your information together and fill out a secure online application
  • FOURTH We will prepare the documents and order all 3rd party services in order to get final approval. This includes the appraisal, survey, verifications, title work and a lot of things you don’t even want to understand.  At this stage we are  packaging your file for the final approval from underwriting.
  • FIFTH Underwriting will give an official approval and may request some final documents and or letters to button up your file.
  • SIXTH We go to the title company and close your home and CELEBRATE!!!!




Frequently Asked

What if I have no credit?

  • Believe it or not No credit is one of the easiest things to correct; usually allowing you to buy in as short as 3 months.

What if I have bad credit?

  • That is where me being a teacher comes into play. Let me help guide you through how to improve your credit and together we will establish a realistic timeline for you to be able to purchase your new home.

How much do I need for a down payment?

  • In many cases you need only 3.5% down payment.

When should I get pre approved?

  • The answer is today! If you are even thinking of buying a home you want to make sure you are ready. Inaccuracies on your credit, not enough time on the job, change in how you get paid; there are many things that can effect your ability to buy.

Possible Risks

  • Not closing due to not qualifying. As long as your financial, credit or job status does not change there is very little risks of this happening. Again, this is another reason why it is so important to have an expert by your side. I will guide you through the Do’s and Don’ts during the process.
  • Closing credit cards or credit lines. Most people want to avoid risk at all costs. Sometimes they think closing accounts on their credit will help them, in qualifying. STOP!!!!! Please do not do this without speaking to me, so I can give you the correct advice on your credit situation.  By closing one card you could loose up to 40 points on your credit score.



Let`s start preparing for your New Home today


  • Actually, I’ll listen as you explain your needs, dreams, and fears. Then I will prepare a free analysis on qualifying for your new mortgage. In as little as 24 hours you will know when and how much house you can buy.


  • We work together to implement the plan. Then I guide you through a simple, fun and step by step process to achieve home ownership.

Celebrate and Enjoy!!!

  • On closing day I will be right next to you when you sign your papers, giving you the ownership of your new home.  You will receive the keys (the same day typically) and you and your family get to drive into the driveway and walk into your Dream Home.
Get Started Today!



Ways to reduce your Risks:

  • Don’t change your job or how you get paid
  • Don’t buy new furniture
  • Don’t sell something without first discussing the asset with The Mortgage Lady
  • Don’t close a credit card or credit line
  • Trust The Mortgage Lady to guide you

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