I am Lisa-Marie Thompson, The Mortgage Lady, a senior mortgage consultant for Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.


Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. is a national mortgage company with offices throughout the United States. Our Flower Mound Branch alone has over 150 years of experience.

My Story

I was 21

I used to dream all the time

I remember when I was a little girl, maybe 9 years old. I used to dream all the time! As children we are all able to dream. I dreamed of being a teacher and standing in front of the class teaching kids. I think that every child imagines who they want to be as an adult. My friends tell me all the time how interesting it is how I became a teacher. Because it was when I bought my first home, I was 21 years old…

The Steps

Everyone can have a guide

It wasn’t in the classroom, and it didn’t happen through a traditional college. I was in California at that time, and I managed my entire mortgage experience on the phone. I was lucky because I found a Mortgage Specialist who guided me through the entire process. She helped me to understand, not only what to do next but how to do it. She really taught me how to help people, how to build a trustworthy relationship based on genuinely being yourself; ALWAYS. And do you want to smile? I met her in person only after my closing…

The Lady

The Mortgage Lady

It was that day, in the 1991 that I became “The Mortgage Lady”. Probably, now, you are asking yourself: what about the teacher? Be patient, and let me guide you through this short story once again. I was very lucky to get married in 1998. I immediately became the mom of two amazing steps sons. The gratitude a person can experience is never too much! That’s what I felt then and how I feel now; grateful to continue being a part of their lives, even today. But there is more. I am now a “grandma” of two beautiful girls. Although I don’t have any natural children, my gift is to love and help kiddos with school work, mentoring young moms and in the past being a Youth Exchange Counselor with the Flower Mound Rotary. How can you imagine? I didn’t even realize it, until one day one of my colleagues said………. Lisa-Marie, yesterday my daughter told me that you are the best teacher she has ever had .  I love to help people and make the difference in their lives. This passion allows me to be “The Mortgage Lady” that I am and the Teacher that I always dreamed of being.

The Gift

My Principles

I believe that giving back is one of the most important gifts I can contribute to my community. I have shared my experiences, my knowledge and my time to help people in the community. I have also been a Flower Mound Rotarian since 1994, allowing me to give back locally, as well as on a worldwide level. Many professionals in the mortgage field ask for my mentorship and guidance. I love to let them see and be a part of what my clients experience with me: a genuine caring relationship made by people for people. A concrete “step by step” guide just like a mom or a teacher would do, with the same level of patience and strength. I really believe that being at the service of the community is a true blessing and joy of my career. I can never express the joy I feel when a father comes in my office and is telling me: “This is my son Lisa Marie! can you believe that he is getting married? Now he needs to buy a house, so can you please teach him how to do that!” I really feel blessed to be part of their life, personally and professionally making a difference.

I Help People…

“I want to make the process as easy as possible, while making sure I show you multiple options to achieve home ownership. My team makes the experience fun, simple and educational.”

Lisa-Marie Thompson



Why Lisa-Marie Thompson?


Websters defines Integrity as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, moral uprightness. Integrity is also living by the “Golden Rule”, Striving to always take care of you  like you were family.


Setting realistic expectations from our very first conversation to the end of the transaction. Giving personal service from start to finish is what makes my job fun!


Being a professional means “accountability is my responsibility”. Always giving you the highest level of integrity, communication and accountability. Making Service My #1 Priority.

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